Meghan D Condron 
Physical Therapy, P.C.
Working with families to help children reach their full potential 

Customer Testimonials

"We have been thrilled to have Meghan work with our daughter since she
was a baby. Her patience, humor and affection for our girl has made the experience pleasure. Meghan has been able to adapt to her development perfectly and has taught us how to be more effective helping our girl. Most importantly, our daughter loves her and looks forward to their time together." (Current Parent)

"I asked Meghan to treat my own daughter (from about 9 -18 months old) who had a gross motor developmental delay. As a parent and [physical] therapist I had the utmost confidence in her handling skills and treatment techniques."  (Parent & PT colleague)

"Meghan is a compassionate and caring therapist. She has a lot of energy and combines her handling skills with wonderful play techniques to encourage her patients to succeed. Meghan demonstrates a strong commitment to the children and families she serves." (W. Burke, PT)

"Meghan consistently went above and beyond for each of her patients.  She is organized, timely, compassionate, motivated and a truly wonderful therapist and person."  (K. Lavallee, PT)
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