Meghan D Condron 
Physical Therapy, P.C.
Working with families to help children reach their full potential 

Meet Meghan

Physical Therapist   

          I am a board certified pediatric specialist with ten years experience in a variety of settings working with adults and children. In that time I have worked in hospitals, rehab centers, outpatient clinics, schools/daycares and the home setting gaining experience and knowledge during the different stages of rehabilitation.   I feel fortunate to have worked with many wonderful clinicians, families and children who have all impacted the way I practice today. Please click here for a detailed resume and credentials.


          Most of my career has been focused on children ... it is my passion.   Choosing to be a pediatric physical therapist was an easy decision for me as I was inspired by my family.  My older sister has special needs and began receiving physical therapy at an early age.  At that time, the early intervention program did not exist.  My parents along with the help of family, friends and members of the community started a therapy program for her in our home.  It made a tremendous difference in her physical health, mobility and overall quality of life.  For these reasons, she continues to receive physical therapy today.  

    I truly understand the importance of family involvement and tailoring treatments to meet not only the needs of the child but also the family unit.  As a physical therapist I will be spending a relatively small amount of time with the child during the week so it is important that the family and caregivers learn how to help the child as well.  My treatment sessions are full of patient/family education and written handouts to help carry over activities into the family's daily life.



         A few years ago I started another exciting, challenging and rewarding chapter of my life, motherhood.  This has provided me with a deeper understanding and connection to the families I service.  Prior to having my first child, I did not understand why families would cringe when I handed them a long detailed home exercise program.   Now as a busy mother of two, I find it challenging some days to get my little guy on his tummy between feedings, diaper changes, cooking, cleaning, tantrums, play dates and career obligations.   Although I do still love to give detailed exercise programs, they are now accompanied with a disclaimer "do the best you can" and "this is the really really REALLY important one or two."