Meghan D Condron 
Physical Therapy, P.C.
Working with families to help children reach 
their full potential 

Yoga for Children & Adults

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for children and adults at any functional or fitness level.  Yoga is an exercise that works on your OWN mind body connection and moving past your OWN limitations (physical or mental/emotional).  Although yoga does achieve flexibility the goal is not to master each pose perfectly.   Through the practice of yoga, you learn to appreciate the strengths of your mind and body as well as accept your challenges.  For this reason it is a fantastic exercise for children, those with special needs and compliment to physical therapy.
Regular practice of yoga improves
  • posture/alignment
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • coordination/balance
  • concentration
  • endurance
  • breath support
  • physical fitness/energy level
  • self esteem

Yoga exercise works on the following systems of the body
  • musculoskeletal
  • cardiovasular
  • pulmonary
  • lymph
  • digestive
  • nervous
A typical yoga session includes

  1. Pranayama - breathing exercises
  2. Singing and coordination exercises (for kids yoga)
  3. Asanas - poses (adapted to the fitness level and functional mobility of the individual)
  4. Deep Relaxation