Meghan D Condron 
Physical Therapy, P.C.
Working with families to help children reach their full potential

  Resume & Credentials


EDUCATION                University of Scranton, Scranton PA

                                 Master of Physical Therapy, May 2001

                                B.S. Health Sciences, May 2000                                    

                                 M.S. Physical Therapy Magna Cum Lade


CERTIFICATION          Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist, 5/2009 – 5/2019

                                 Balance Specialist Certification from Nuerocom, 12/2007

                                 APTA Clinical Instructor Certification, 10/2002

                                 M.O.V.E. Basic Trainer Certification, 7/2002

                                 CPR certified for Adult, Child and Infant through 7/2013


 EXPERIENCE              Meghan D Condron Physical Therapy, P.C. - 3/2010 - Current

                                   Clarke School for the Deaf – Manhattan, NY 11/2007 – 2/2010


                                   Blythedale Children’s Hospital - Valhalla, NY 10/2004 – 10/2007


                                  NYU-Rusk Institute, Manhattan, NY 9/2002-10/2004

                                             Acute Care Rotation at Tisch Hospital      

                                             Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation Rotation                                                                                         


EDUCATION                 Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design 

                                  Yoga for children with autism and PDD 

                                  Clinical Approach to Eval and Treat Congenital Torticollis 

                                  Yoga for the Special Child with Sonia Sumar

                                  SPIO Presentation 

                                  APTA Pediatrics Volume 1 & 2 

                                 SPARKS Training 12/2008

                                  Practical Sense in sensory integration

                                  Balance Specialist 2 day clinical integration seminar 

                                  5 day NDT Baby Treatment Course with Lois Bly 

                                  TBI symposium at Helen Hayes 

                                  Movable Surfaces

                                 Pediatric Palliative Care 8 day training

                                  Treating the Hypotonic Child 

                                  Annual TBI conference in Albany, NY

                                  5 day NDT course with Lois Bly



                                  Co wrote grant for sensory motor gym
                                  Developing and running personal business corporation
                                  Organize and host continuing education course
                                  Moderator of a parent group for children with hearing loss/deafness
                                  Develop and implement policies, procedures and data collection
                                  Mentor new staff and physical therapy students
                                  Present case studies, in-services and interdisciplinary lecture



                                  Promote health & wellness by teaching yoga therapy to children & parents
                                  Presentation "How to foster gross motor skills in children birth to 5
                                  Create PT related pamphlets for parents and staff
                                  Assist local Girl Scout troops in receiving disabilities badge 
                                  “What is a PT?” presentation at local high school career day
                                  “Many Voices-not all Siblings Speak with One Voice”
                                  APTA member, NY Chapter and Pediatric Section since 1998