Meghan D Condron Physical Therapy, P.C.
Working with families to help children reach their full potential 

Milestones birth to 3 years old

At 3 months of age baby
  • turns head to both sides
  • makes fists and swipes arms
  • kicks both legs
  • lifts head and chest when placed on stomach

At 6 months of age baby
  • rolls back to/from belly
  • props on elbows and plays while on stomach
  • sits with arm support
  • reaches for feet when lying on back
By 12 months of age baby
  • crawls
  • pulls to stand
  • stands without help
  • transitions from floor to stand
  • cruise 
  • may or may not take steps independently

By 18 months of age baby
  • walks forward and backwards
  • runs
  • pushes and pulls objects
  • steps off low step without falling
By 24 months of age toddler will
  • carry something while walking
  • jump with both feet off the ground
  • walk up and down the stairs with little support
  • kick and throw a ball 3 ft

By 36 months of age toddler will
  • walk up steps alternating feet
  • ride a tricycle
  • walk on tiptoes
  • jump off objects
  • stand on one foot
  • kick and throw a ball 6 ft